Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality Testing

Indoor & outdoor air quality testing ensures a healthy living or working environment by analyzing the air samples. This test is done to make sure if you and your family are residing in a property free of contaminants. As such, air quality monitoring can take place anywhere from a shipyard, industrial warehouse, schoolyard, tunnel or your home

Typical Indoor Air Quality Parameters

Why Indoor air make us sick?

What We Do?

At New Air Home Services, we provide a comprehensive indoor air quality testing service in Winnipeg that maintains the standard of the air you breathe in and out. Our end-to-end service involves unbiased, independent testing and assessment of indoor air quality and the effectiveness and safety of internal air systems.

The NEW AIR Difference

Our professionals know that the reduced energy use and carbon footprint have the insight to transform your indoor air quality test results into action. We have years of experience in the air conditioning industry and a specialization in residential buildings air quality check. This unsurpassed depth & knowledge of duct cleaning allows us to give you the most accurate recommendations and effective solutions.

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