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Being in service from past many years, we have managed to earn a customer reputation by proudly offering HVAC supply duct cleaning for the following places:

Indoor air quality Testing

To maintain the hygiene and productivity of employees working at a workplace or commercial sector, its important to ensure high air quality. For this purpose, there is need to clean out the commercial air ducts from time to time so as to improve the indoor air quality. At NEWAIR Home Services, we are your local duct cleaning specialists in Winnipeg who specialize in commercial air duct and vent cleaning service. We have years of experience in the industry and are providing highly reliable and dependable duct cleaning for commercial buildings and business premises. We utilize the latest equipment and make use of eco-friendly products to remove any sort of contaminants.

Why Indoor air make us sick?

High Quality Commercial Duct Cleaning

At New Air Home Services, we’re committed to providing air duct cleaning services with the highest possible standard. Our experts use powerful equipment to remove the debris and mold build up from the HVAC system, no matter how large your building is. Throughout the cleaning process, we maintain a sense of workmanship and disrupt your work as little as possible.

Healthier Workplace & Lower Energy Bills

Professional commercial air duct cleaning is effective in removing all types and sources of contaminants that have built inside a ductwork. The motive behind this is to improve the health and productivity of workers, thereby ensuring a healthier environment.

Since breathing in air that is contaminated with allergens, dust, and pollen can cause symptoms like allergies and asthma, its important to schedule a duct and blower fan cleaning service every six months. Cleaning out your air ducts not only keeps the workplace clean and fresh, but also prevents unnecessary downtime. Moreover, it reduces the energy bills and restores the performance of your HVAC to peak efficiency.


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