Duct Video Camera Inspection

Why You Need Camera Inspection?

With the passage of time, air ducts build up dirt, lint, grease and grime, which can act as a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria. Blocked air ducts also increase your heating and cooling bills along with restricting the airflow to computers and other equipment that require cooler temperatures. If you have never cleaned your ducts, or you are concerned about what may be hiding in your vents, go for professional video camera inspection for ducts.

How We Do It?

Our experienced professionals at NEWAIR Home Services use air duct video camera inspections to inspect the ductwork for conditions such as blockage, separation, damage, debris or contaminants. With video cameras, we can easily inspect and check what’s going on inside your ducts and helps in providing highly efficient air duct cleaning.

In order to be completely thorough, our process includes visually inspecting the interior surface of both the supply and the return air ducts. If necessary, we may create one or two access openings to do a complete inspection and will seal and secure it after the inspection is over. As a part of the duct inspection, we also inspect the blower and blower compartment of the ducts.

video camera inspection

New Air Home Services offers air and HVAC duct video camera inspection service in Winnipeg for chimneys and homes. Our duct cleaning specialist will put a special miniature camera inside the ductwork so as to clearly monitor the clogs and dirt. We’ll explain what you’re seeing on the screen and can answer any questions you have as you watch the video.


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