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We Clean All Kinds Of Ducts

At NEWAIR Home Services, we clean all kinds of ducts including the ceiling & floor duct systems. Our cleaning procedures are reliable and the effect of cleaning lasts for several months. Our duct cleaning process includes:

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Our Duct Cleaning Process

Why Choose Us?

Being your local duct cleaners, we offer different kinds of duct cleaning services including the coil cleaning, ducts, fittings, AC unit cleaning, exhaust cleaning, air quality testing, anti-bacterial fogging and lot more. With us, you need not worry about the cost of the service. We make use of latest and advanced tools and cleaning equipment for every cleaning procedure we apply.

Step by step process

We’ll arrive at your home in the service trucks with the best equipment in the industry to help clean your air duct system.

Our trained technicians ensure that you’ll get the expert quality service with their quality workmanship.

We’ll walk through your home as the part of our pre cleaning assessment to specify your needs and requirements.

To make sure your interiors don’t track any dirt, we’ll remove our protective booties and follow all the safety regulations.

Protective drop clothes and corner guards are placed under all of our vacuum hoses to ensure we don’t scuff or scratch your flooring.

We create access openings to hook up our vacuum equipment and insert various cleaning tools into the main supply & return ductwork.

We cover your vents to concentrate the entire vacuum power to the affected area so as to make sure all the contaminants are removed.

After this, we clean the ductwork using various air cleaning tools and also run high powered compressed air lines through every accessible section of your duct supply.

We follow an additional step of brushing your supply ducts to provide a superior class cleaning than using air tools alone.

Once all cleaning steps are done, we’ll do a visual inspection of the system to make sure everything is cleaned without a miss.

We’ll seal the access openings and return the duct system to its normal functioning only after you are completely satisfied.

After the job is completely over, we’ll pack up the equipment, clean the work area, and place a reminder sticker that will remind you about the next service date of your duct system.

The system will be turned on and checked over to make sure it is operating flawless and with improved air quality.

Once the job is done, you’ll receive a post-service email/call from our support staff to measure your satisfaction.


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